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You don’t have to put up with feeling like this any more!

If you’re suffering any of these symptoms, we can help.

It’s time to get the support you need.

• Bloating
• Heartburn
• Nausea
• Diarrhoea
• Constipation
• Cramping/pain
• Blood/mucus in stool*
• Weight loss/weight gain
• Sugar Cravings
• Tiredness/Energy Dips
• Chronic fatigue

• Brain fog
• Poor sleeping/night waking
• Irritability if not eaten
• Never feeling full/always hungry
• Migraines
• Poor memory
• Female hormones imbalances
• Depression
• Headaches
• Skin complaints
• Food sensitivities

*Must be checked by your GP.

Emma Wennington

Ma, Bsc (Hons) DipION, mBANT, mHNHC

Emma Wennington - The Gut and Energy Expert

I’m Emma Wennington

Ma, Bsc (Hons) DipION, mBANT, mHNHC

At the beginning of 2014 the death of 14 famous people due to cancer inspired Emma to ask herself and research whether, we as a population, are following the right track for good health. Her answer was a resounding No. Digging deep into the science, she discovered that fatigue and poor gut health were an indication of far more deep-rooted problems.

Emma is now a nutritionist specialising in gut health and fatigue, helping women over 40 with low energy and problematic digestive issues to regain their energy and freedom so that they can live the life they desire.

Eat well, Feel well, Move well

Eat well, Feel well, Move well

Specialist Nutritional Services

I have a special interest in autoimmune conditions, gut issues, and female hormone symptoms.

These are very specialised areas and whilst working to improve your overall diet may bring some relief to the symptoms you are experiencing; a much more detailed and personalised approach is required. In these cases, professional supplements maybe recommended. These contain higher doses of nutrients than is commonly available on the high street. There is also a range of testing options which can add huge benefit to finding a solution. Testing is not compulsory but may be useful.

If you’re not sure whether your symptoms fall into these areas, I’d be happy to have a free 20 mins consultation with you to discuss this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can diet really effect how I feel?

Absolutely. Eating the right foods can improve  your energy, mental wellbeing, immunity, give you happy female hormones, give you a happy gut, improve your brain, give you strong bones, muscles, hair, nails and skin and help to prevent premature aging and chronic long term disease.

If my GP can’t help, can food make a difference?

Nutritional therapists work from a completely different perspective to traditional medicine. I aim to address the root cause of your symptoms. My recommendations are backed by science and provide amazing results.

What is a superfood?

Superfoods are foods which are packed full of a particular nutrient which is proven to be beneficial. Examples include blueberries, kale, green tea and many other. However, do not consume these at the expense of a varied rainbow diet.

Are gluten and diary bad for me?

Gluten and diary are inflammatory for some people and therefore are best avoided.  Removing these foods groups from the diet is not straightforward and can lead to missing out on a really helpful nutrients. Always do this through the guidance of an expert.

What is the one thing I should do to improve my health?

Cook your food from fresh. Get into the habit and this will give you so many health benefits.

What is involved in a nutritional consultation?

First you will be asked to complete a questionnaire. I will then review it and hold a consultation with you. The first part of the session will be to discuss in more details your questionnaire, then I will explain what I believe is going on inside your body before we agree a plan of action.

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